About NESF

Northeast Specialty Foods is a gourmet specialty food distributor that handles products from throughout New England. Our product focus is on desserts, pastas, gelato, and breads — and we now feature gluten-free breads, cookies, and pizzas.

We are proud of delivering a service and a product mix that may be lacking with larger distributors in the food service industry. Northeast Specialty Foods will work in partnership with our customers to find products that may be new on the market or that may have been discontinued by other food distributors.

The NESF StoreWelcome to our new online store!

NESF announces our new web-based ordering system – The NESF Store! Our new online store allows you to streamline and track your wholesale food ordering at your convenience, eliminating the need to send orders through emails, phone calls, and texts.

The NESF Store allows you to:

  • Explore NESF’s extensive catalog of specialty and locally sourced food products.
  • Order your products with just a few clicks.
  • Track your order history and manage recurring orders.

You can view the store’s main page at store.nesfoods.org. Please note that our Store is private, so you will need a user account to view specific products and place orders. To request a NESF Store account, please call Ashley at 207-850-1258 or email her at ashley@nesfoods.org.

New Products

Mr Tamole tamale with salsa and mole paste

MR Tamole Mexican Foods

Mr Tamole is a family-owned business founded by a mother and son from Puebla, Mexico. Upon moving to Massachusetts in 1995, we eagerly shared our beloved hometown cuisine with the …

Harvest Garden Chocolate Macaroon Snackers

Harvest Garden Snackers and Crackers

Harvest Garden Foods was created so customers wouldn’t have to read the Nutritional & Ingredient list over and over to make sure everything in the product was healthy for the …

Cold Fusion Belgian Chocolate gelato

Cold Fusion Gelato

Founded in 2004, Cold Fusion Gelato has always been family-owned and operated. Each of our Cold Fusion gelato and sorbet flavors are made by a person, not by a factory, …

Giovanna Gelato

Giovanna Gelato

Giovanna Gelato flavors are designed for a modern, discriminating palate. There are traditional and contemporary varieties in addition to a seasonal range. We are committed to using only the finest …