Smith’s Gouda Cheese Spreads

Here at Smith’s, old fashioned family traditions and hard work are combined to produce our Farmstead Cheeses. Our Gouda rivals any made in the Netherlands. It has the same mild taste, creamy texture and small, bubbly eyes. An excellent dessert cheese, it is also great for cooking and melts beautifully. Anyone who recognizes the appeal of farm fresh milk will enjoy the rich and creamy flavor of our Gouda cheeses. Unlike factory-produced cheese, our farmstead cheeses share much of the same characteristic quality, distinction, and appeal as other hand-crafted culinary products or beverages.

Our Gouda cheese spreads bring “pub cheese” to a new level. We blend our creamy Gouda wheels with fresh butter, salt, and herbs to create eight varieties of a spreadable, delectable treat. Spread these winners on a burger, sandwich, steak, or your favorite cracker. Be careful, they’re addicting! Try all of our flavors: Bacon, Creamy, Fiesta, Garlic, Herb, Horseradish, Onion & Chive, Port Wine, Sun-dried Tomato & Basil.

Smiths Country Cheese - Gouda
Smiths Country Cheese – Gouda