MR Tamole Mexican Foods

Mr Tamole is a family-owned business founded by a mother and son from Puebla, Mexico. Upon moving to Massachusetts in 1995, we eagerly shared our beloved hometown cuisine with the community, uniting people through the delectable dishes we prepared. In 2017 the business was created to bring authentic dishes from our hometown.

Our goal is to offer you the same experience filled with warmth and delight as you savor the flavors that have brought our family together for generations. At Mr Tamole, our pride lies in the recipes passed down through our family lineage. From our mole poblano paste, cherished for its 22 carefully selected ingredients and allergen-free composition, to our diverse array of salsas, each crafted with a unique blend of flavors, we strive to provide high-quality,authentic Mexican cuisine.

Puebla’s culinary heritage, influenced by French, Indian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and other cultures, creates a remarkable fusion of tastes that has captivated food enthusiasts worldwide. With our tamales, we offer you a taste of our hometown, transporting you to Puebla through each delectable bite. We are honored to share the rich traditions and flavors that have shaped our family, bringing the essence of Puebla to your table and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Mr Tamole tamale with salsa and mole paste