Ignite Crispy Protein Bars

Introducing: The Protein Crispy Treat! A protein-packed, keto-friendly indulgence treat that will spark your energy and satisfy your sweet tooth in just one delicious bite! Try all of our four flavors:

  • Dark Chocolate Chip – If you love chocolate but want to avoid the insane amounts of sugar in most chocolate protein bars, our Keto-Friendly salted chocolate sunflower bar is the right choice for you. This crunchy superfood bar is made with a peanut butter-chocolate base and packs essential protein for your body while also satiating your sweet tooth. It also contains sunflower seeds give you an instant boost of protein, energy and micronutrients. Our customer love it with their morning coffee, as a pre/post workout treat or an evening low-sugar dessert!
  • Caramel Almond Sea Salt – re you looking for a delicious KETO crunch bar that doesn’t compromise on the taste? Ignite Bars present our Caramel Almond Sea Salt Bar, made of superfood ingredients like coconut, chia, and almonds. This low carb energy bar is crunchy, tasty, rich in protein, and the perfect solution for all your hunger pangs. They are low-sugar, keto-friendly and the preferred snacks of adults and kids alike. You can also add it to yogurt with fruit for a crispy and protein-packed topping.
  • Blueberry Vanilla Crisp – Ignite Bars presents the newest addition to our KETO friendly crispy treats. This blueberry bar will give you that same enjoyment without the added sugar! Its combination of vanilla and blueberries will definitely enlight your taste buds, while the almonds in the bar will provide additional satiation. They are low in sugar, high in protein and a perfect way to brighten your morning! If you are going for a hike or any adventure, place a couple in the side pocket of your backpack and you will be good to go!
  • To get a KETO crunchy snack made of peanut butter, choose our crispy treat bar – Peanut Butter Crunch! It tastes like a peanut butter infused rice crispy treat with a cinnamon swirl. The cinnamon in this crunch bar not only perks up the taste but also provides essential antioxidants to your body. Our peanut butter crunch bar is much better than other peanut butter bars as it is keto friendly, low-sugar and satiating. Use it as a midday snack, a breakfast for your cereal-bar-loving kids or to satisfy an evening craving. High in protein and low in carbohydrates, our delicious peanut butter crunch bars will keep you longing for more!