Fox Family Chips

Potatoes have been a long-standing tradition of the Fox Family since the 1800’s and are still the #1 product of Northern Maine Farmers.  In the late 90’s, Rhett Fox, creator of Fox Family Potato Chips, began experimenting with handmade potato chips using Maine Russet potatoes, first in his home kitchen and then in his store. He used his meat slicer to slice the potatoes just the way he liked them. He fried them by hand in a combination of canola and corn oil until they were the color he liked.  He started out very small – unable to supply the demand, but Fox had a dream.  With encouragement from his father, he was determined to build a successful chip company.  In 2013, Wayne and Gregg Garrison partnered with Rhett to form Trinity Chips, LLC.  Wayne and Gregg own Double G Farms and supply the potatoes for Fox Family Potato Chips.

The demand for Fox Family Potato Chips continues to grow.  Customers rave that the chips have “real potato taste” unlike any other chip and are so addictive.  Fox Family Potato Chips are Tran’s fat free and have no artificial colors, ingredients or preservatives. Fox Family Potato Chips are still made by hand with 100% Maine potatoes. Our chips will please your taste buds, be a welcome addition to your meal, and are the perfect snack for any occasion.