Creme de Liqueur

Close your eyes and think of your favorite ice cream. Got it? Now mentally stir in your liquor of choice.

Mmmmm… If you’re wishing you had a spoon right about now, allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Crème de Liqueur, creators of an alcohol-infused ice cream custard who always have a reason to celebrate.

We love how food and drink have the power to elevate any and all situations:

  • Having some Me Time on a Tuesday night? You deserve a dessert made from simple, high-quality ingredients and cream from local farms.
  • Playing cards with your closest confidants? Up the ante with a shot of top-shelf spirits in every serving.
  • Opening the door for everyone in your address book (plus people you’ve never seen before) at your shindig of the year? Wow them with creative cocktail-inspired ice creams that’ll keep the party going all night.

Shall we go on a spree and eat to enjoy ourselves, no matter what the occasion? Let’s clink spoons and cheers to wondrous, delicious times.