Capone’s Prepared Meals

Introducing Capone’s new Prepared Meals – made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives, it’s home-style food for busy people. Microwave for seven minutes and you’re ready to serve a complete meal for your family. Try all of our five meals:

  • Cheese Lasagna – made with our signature plum tomato sauce and fresh egg pasta layered with a ricotta cheese.
  • Mac and Cheese – fresh pasta shells are combined with a creamy cheese sauce made with Parmesan and shallots. Finished with a topping of golden breadcrumbs.
  • Ricotta Gnocchi – our classic light and fluffy ricotta-filled gnocchi combined with our signature plum tomato & basil sauce.
  • Rigatoni – a simple meal combining our plum tomato & basil sauce with our most popular cut of pasta.
  • Sweet Potato Ravioli – our most popular ravioli topped with our signature plum tomato & basil sauce. This sweet and savory combination is not only delicious but is also VEGAN!
Capone Prepared Meals
Capone Prepared Meals