Brewer’s Flatbread Crackers

Kyle Fiasconaro, Chef/Owner of Brewers, shares his discovery of “spent grains” and the eventual creation of his flatbread crackers:

“Having been in the food and beverage industry for years, I befriended brewers from around the country.  I found that we all had one common struggle; food waste.  We all hated wasting product. 

When biking to work one day in Brooklyn, New York, I witnessed thousands of pounds of spent brewers grains from a local brewery being thrown out, right outside of an adjacent bakery. The smell of the fresh grains and the bakery next door led me to wrack my mind for what could be done to ”Eat” that beer. What started out as a small project grew into a mission.

In the kitchen, this lent itself to creativity and I began cooking with leftover brewers grains, creating everything from spent grain bread loaves to granola.  After seven years of recipe testing, I have finally created something people truly love…Brewer’s Crackers.  From concept to creation, to the flavor, people connect with this product and our goal to use this valuable byproduct to its full nutritional potential.”

Try all three cracker flavors, made right here in New England: Everything, Pretzel, and Sea Salt. And also try Brewer’s Chips, also made from spent grains.